Learn more about how I can help your team ...and a bit about me.


Analyse business objectives
Requirements Gathering
Competitor Analysis
User Research

User Experience

Persona development
User Journeys
Usability Testing

UI Design

Web & Mobile app design
Responsive sites
E-Commerce sites
Content Management Systems

Product Design Workshop Facilitation

I help with coordinating and facilitating design workshops - taking ideas and research and helping the team shape it in to a digital solution. I've worked within Waterfall and Agile environments, and adapt activities and timeframes to suit each client.

  • new products
  • existing products
  • assist wtih identifying and prioritising features for mvp
  • testing ideas within a workshop format

Contract, Consult or Collaborate

I've helped companies a few different ways:

  • You're on a budget or have an in-house designer but require guidance from a senior designer.
  • You require a heuristics evaluation of a website/application/user journey. Recommendations included.
  • You're looking for a designer to work on only a specific portion of your project?
  • You have an app idea but you don't know how to create a prototype or mockups.
  • You'd like to work with a reliable designer from time to time for unpredictable amounts of time.
My current tools of choice

Figma Miro Bootstrap Sublime Text

Industry Experience

Branding Agency
Call Center
Food Delivery

Geotechnical Engineering
IT Consultancy

Hi, I'm Yuveshni Konar. I rely on stable frameworks and keep up to date with web technologies and industry standards.

Background: I grew up in Durban and took Computer Studies in high school in the 90s and learned Turbo Pascal. But my real fascination was the internet! It was exciting and I loved the idea of being connected to the rest of the world.

After high school, I studied Computer Science and Human & Social Studies, as I struggled to find work in the tech field. When I finally joined the tech industry in 2007, I was interested in all aspects of web development. This lead to trying out several roles including: graphic design, php development, frontend design and more.

In 2009 I left Durban to work in Miami, then Pretoria and finally Cape Town - which is where I've been for over a decade.

These days: My focus has been on UX Design. It has been an exciting and challenging experience working closely with clients and users to create better products. Even though I spend an unpredictable amount of time at each client I hope to leave their team in a better place than when I started:

🖤 Understand more ux and ui concepts and activities. (Design shouldn't seem mystical anymore!)

🖤 Able to continue with Design Workshops on their own. Confidently!

🖤 Maintaining and improving the systems I initiated.

I sometimes write about User Experience & life on Medium

Running Product Design Workshops for older/non-tech groups

Last year I worked with an older, non-technical group to create a web application. I ran several Product Design Workshops and it was a learning experience for myself and the group.

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Fixing the Mess Caused by Addictive Software

It grabs your attention, entertains you for anything up to 7 minutes and then keeps you coming back for more. At the same time, it adds little value to your life.

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Does your audience have enough confidence in you to buy?

This is a follow up to my previous post about why subscriptions don’t directly determine an increasing bottom line.

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